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The Power and Importance of “Realistic Optimism” in Athletes

The Power and Importance of “Realistic Optimism” in Athletes Most of us know that optimism is the hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. It is generally accepted that … [Read More...]


Developing your Coaching Presence by being a Person first, not a Coach first

In a few previous “Developing Coaching Presence” articles we discussed How to use ones voice to talk with an athlete vs. at an athlete How to manage your body language How to use your eyes wisely This next article in developing coaching presence is the final one in the series and essentially the idea behind […]

Body Language and its Impact on your Presence as a Coach

This is a 3rd article in the series on Developing your Coaching Presence. As I indicated previously, these articles are based on my new book “Coaching People in Sports,” which is available through my publisher Mascot Books or through Amazon. —- I admit I haven’t always been a massive believer in the merits of analyzing […]

How to develop “Presence” as a coach

How to develop “Presence” as a coach —- Beginning today, and continuing through March, I will discuss the importance of “Presence” in a coach. In addition, I will talk about ways that coaches can develop “Presence” as a coach in order to be more effective as they teach their athletes the game. This article represents […]

How to Develop Problem-Solving Athletes

How to Develop Problem-Solving Athletes The best athletes in the world today are ones that can solve problems and apply these solutions in critical situations. As you look at the world’s greats —Andrés Iniesta, Lebron James, Sydney Crosby, Cesc Fabregas, and many more — they make choices in games or competitions that help them or […]

Dan Kennedy and Persistence

Dan Kennedy can do more push-ups in a minute than I. I know, hard to believe, right? On one hand, you have a professional athlete who takes great care of himself. On the other hand, you have someone slightly older and perhaps carrying a few extra pounds who is not a professional athlete, but talks to professional […]

Great Coaches Coach People not just Athletes

Great coaches coach people not just athletes…I’ll explain   Think back to a great teacher or coach that you had – what do you remember? – Pause and really think – — You may in fact remember some exercises, big games that you won, great lessons from class that taught you something, some math you […]

Who is Dr. Lee Hancock..and why should you visit his Blog?

Hi…I am Lee and this is my blog. My thoughts are that if you are going to stop by a blog with someone’s name on it you should probably know who you are dealing with.   Read below to learn more. —– My first blog is about this blog…which is about helping people reach their […]

Guest Blogger John O’Brien — “To be or not to be Nasty”

To be or not to be “nasty” The world challenges you sometimes; an occurrence, a dilemma, a contradiction to your beliefs. To change, deny, hold resolve, push-back, assimilate, or adapt, whatever it is it is going to be uncomfortable. One thing sure to pose some discomfort is working in a foreign country. It is difficult […]

Potentialing Your Child in Soccer

“Potentialing Your Child in Soccer” is a book for soccer parents that provides information and ideas on how to help them develop their sons or daughters “potential”. — PotentialingTM – is the deliberate process of maximizing someone’s possible, yet to be realized, skills and abilities. It is progress along a continuum –not an absolute destination. […]

Don’t Wait for Others to Build Your Confidence…think Home Depot and “Do it Yourself!”

Don’t wait for others to build your confidence…Think Home Depot and “do it yourself”! Watching confident athletes, students or really any performer is just plain fun. How many times have we switched on the TV to see players like Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant or Robbie Keane step on to their field of choice and look as […]

The “Featured Performer” section is not just about Elite Performers…it’s about Elite People

The “Featured Performer” section is not just about Elite Performers…its about Elite People What do David Beckham, Dikembe Mutombo and Drew Brees all have in common? Apart from the fact that these are 3 people that have never been in my kitchen (nod to Cheers), and that they are all massively successful athletes – they […]